Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wasteful Wednesday- she is not smelly

This post is on another DME shipping mistake, which happened a few years ago. Propimex-2 is the formula that Talli uses to provide her with essential protein without the offending amino acids (the ones she can't break down). We get 9 cans each month and they take up a bit of space in the shipping boxes.

I opened a large box, although not large enough to contain the formula and other loose supplies, and there was no Propimex-2, just 9 sticks of deodorant. The DME provider asked that we ship those back to them, they must have been costly generic deodorant.

I do wonder what insurance plan is covering deodorant for their subscribers.

Talli may smell like a fish (a common side-effect of taking non-IV Carnitine), occasionally ketones, and sometimes the unique smell of PA, but at age 5, she definitely didn't need deodorant.

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