Thursday, September 22, 2011

School staffing meetings

The staff at Talli's school has a meeting each week to discuss how things are going with her, any problems, and any coordination that needs to happen. The meeting lasts 30-60 minutes and is lead by the Resource teacher. Here are those typically in attendance:
Resource Teacher
Classroom Teacher
School Nurse
1:1 Nurse
Speech Therapist
Occupational Therapist
School Social Worker
Sometimes the principal or district staff will attend as well.

If there is a major concern they ask me to come and meet with them, although I am welcome to come anytime. This afternoon is the meeting and I have been asked to come. There is no issues on their end. This does give me a chance to ask any questions that I have.
There are only 3 things that are pressing on me to discuss.
1. On a geography test on the continents and oceans, Talli got all of the continents correct, but didn't put anything down for the oceans. Did she run out of time? Did she get frustrated and give up?

2. Talli has been coming home with flashcards with her spelling words for the week, which is really helpful. This week she came home with ones she made herself. The problem is that her handwriting is so poor (hence, the reason she sees the OT) that in looking at them she couldn't tell whether a letter was a 'c' or an 'l'.

3. I feel like Talli is being asked to be more independent before she has the skills to do something herself. Currently, she has a fairly nasty yeast infection and having a wet bottom is contributing (she hasn't been on any antibiotics for a while). She usually is in a rush to goto the bathroom because she doesn't want to miss whatever is going on and she will either forget to wipe or she will get her pants wet in the process.

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