Saturday, August 21, 2010

Kids Clothes

I am very much a clothes snob. I admit it. I like certain clothes and brands and I stick to the ones I really like. For my kids, they primarily wear Hanna Andersson. With Talli, I had lots of problems with her getting rashes from different fabrics or exposed elastic. When she potty-trained, I had problems finding underwear without exposed elastic. Then there is the body shape issues- she is short and puggy. I also dress my kids modestly, Talli doesn't wear short-shorts or tank tops. She can't fasten waistband snaps or buttons. For the most part, Hanna was the solution, I can get cropped or capri pants that then fit like regular-sized ones. The elastics are usually covered. Many of the girl clothes have elastic waists.

I rarely even goto a Hanna store anymore, since I can call up an outlet store tell the employee what size and sex clothes I am looking for and she will look through the store for me and ship, usually the same day. But Hannas can be pricey. I buy some on ebay, however, finding larger sizes (120cm+) can be difficult. Do get on their e-mail list as you will be alerted when sales are occuring, especially at the outlets. I recently purchased some new girl tops for $2.50-4/each.

I just same across the website for Soft clothing for all children. I am so excited! They have jeans with an elastic waistband and they are cute!! Their focus is clothing for sensory-affected kids, but since their clothes do not have buttons they are also good for those with fine motor delays.

They are have a back to school giveaway on their website here: where you can enter to win some T's, socks, a LandsEnd backpakc, and a bunch of school supplies and sensory toys.