Friday, September 16, 2011

Steve, making my life easier

There are some things that I do to make my life easier in handling the chaos that is my life. I try to have items delivered to my home instead of going out and purchasing them at a brick and mortar store. It is very painful for me to take all three of my kids with me shopping. Talli will start straightening products on the shelves at the store, there will be a lot of negotiating at the grocery store on purchasing foods not on the list, and I am just far out numbered. O is in the midst of the terrible 2's and instead of screaming he will show off his verbal skills by calling me names and if that doesn't get to me sufficiently he will just start pinching my hands that are being used to push the cart.

So if there is a free shipping offer somewhere or I can use Amazon Prime, then my life is just so much easier.

My kids think that if they want a toy that Steve, the guy in the brown truck, will bring it to them. They say it like he is Santa.

Talli thinks that all things can be acquired on or ebay; she did hit the nail on the head on that one.

Here is a picture of what Steve brought us today with the exception of my husband's birthday present that I have already hidden away.

There is-
- Talli's monthly enteral supplies (I have not yet checked it for accuracy, but the volume is not quite right, so I am guessing that at least one case of formula is missing)
- hand soap (we go through it like water, especially when O tries to drink it)
-the expansion pack for The Settlers of Catan (for an adult game party tomorrow).

This week I have also had brought to my door:
- a pair of discontinued Saucony running shoes from
- socks for M, just to use a discount at
- a 1987 dinosaur costume sewing pattern on ebay (there was some competitive bidding on this!)
- a case of latex-free Coban from 3M for wrapping Talli's extension with
- a case of pop-up books I got off (they are elaborate and NOT for little kids)
- Dracula: A Classic Pop-Up Tale from, as it was cheaper than Totsy
-LeapPad Leap book the Lost Dinosaur from

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