Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wasteful Wednesday- Food (a day late)

Sorry, I am a day late on this one.

One of the big parts of PA is the lack of interest in food and for us food jags.

Talli will go for weeks with only eating a few bites of food a day. She does always have a lunch packed for school and there is at least one dish she can have at dinner with the family. A couple of times a month, she will also choose what we are eating as a family. However, she will have food jags that are more like binges and want to eat a particular food.

It could be a whole box of Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks in one day (.8g protein and 800 kcals). That is easy to accommodate, since I can just run to the store and if she loses interest I can give them to the boys as a treat. When it is specialty low-protein foods; it can get expensive and a lot of food can be tossed if I overestimate the length of the food jag.

She has had food jags with Ener-g pretzels (~ $2.00 for a 2.65oz bag or about 8 times the cost of Rold Gold pretzels) and I overbought, several bags went bad. Also, with Energy Options candy bars where she was eating more than a bar per day ($2.94 for a 50g bar, the size of a Hershey bar) I ordered enough for 2 weeks and reorganized the pantry and misplaced them, although, it didn’t matter because she stopped eating them. I don’t think the Energy Options bars will be tossed in the future as my boys think they are great treats when they snatch some (blehhhhh!!).

It would be nice to have a local network of families to buy or swap with. OR IF food was covered we could go "shopping" at clinic and take what we need instead of trying to plan ahead and wait for it to ship. I guess insurance would need to recognize that medical foods are just as needed as formulas-- oh, wait! some don't even see the need for formula.

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