Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wasteful Wednesday- another DME delivery mistake

The title of the post isn't very good because our DME provider very rarely gets Talli's order accurate.

We get 2 cases of Polycose each month, which is 12 cans. Polycose is pure glucose-- we go straight for the blood sugar rise! It contains no protein whatsoever and is a main component of Talli's formula. In the past, when she has been sick we can use more than a can a day.

So not too long ago, Steve, dropped off our supplies and the boxes looked a little odd (again, not unusual). Instead of polycose, we received 2 cases of Ketocal. Ketocal is a high fat, high protein formula for the use in those with uncontrolled seizures.

IF we were to mistakenly use Ketocal for Polycose Talli would be getting 22.5g of protein, 108g of fat, and 1080 Kcals instead of 0g of protein, 0g of fat, and 465Kcals. I am sure that Talli would have been vomiting long before we could have given her that much fat and protein.

The DME provider had the formula picked up and shipped out the polycose after I called them. Mistakes like this makes me nervous for those who aren't hypervigilant and those who do not question a problem. It also makes we ponder the literacy rate in this country and liability issues.

But Talli is safe from the inappropriate formula.

The next DME mix up to report on-- "No, she doesn't smell like that!"

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