Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Today we had an IEP meeting for Talli. In the end, we got pretty much what we wanted. There is new administrative staff at the school this year and the special ed and health staff from the district has changed. For things that we previously had push back on, some staff were asking for. One thing in particular, is that in the Health Plan within the IEP there will be a listing of the knowledge/skills that a staff member and her nurse need to have prior to being responsible for.

Typically, Talli's IEP is in May right at the end of the school year. We had this one today because we filed a complaint with the State Board of Education, this is different from Due Process in that the State can rule and have things changed without a hearing. It is also quick, they rule within 60 days of the complaint. In May 2010, the school did not give us 10 days notice for the IEP meeting. They also removed the Health Plan from the IEP and months later said it was a 504 plan. They also removed nursing as a support service in her IEP, so no nursing minutes were listed, only consult minutes from the school nurse. The State Board ruled that they had violated our rights (really Talli's) and that since she has an IEP because of the result of her medical conditions, the health plan and the nursing minutes need to be included as part of the IEP. So they had 6 weeks to get to the state 1. a meeting notice that was appropriate and 2. an IEP with the Health Plan included and the nursing minutes stated. Since neither of those things occurred in May 2011 when we met, they needed to hold a new meeting.

Tomorrow, I am going to start a line of posts called "Wasteful Wednesday". It will list the occurrences that happen that waste resources- it could be our time, money, or other people's money. Most are so frustrating, they are comical.

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