Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wasteful Wednesday- pump bags or basins

This is my first post for Wasteful Wednesday, posts to highlight how with a child with a metabolic disorder so much of my time, money, and patience are "wasted" on the silliest of things. Also, the insurance company and the government spend a lot of their money (which then translates to the rest of us) on the mistakes and bad policies.

We get our supplies from a very large national supply company. We are pretty stuck with them because we can't get an Infinity pump and Propimex from other suppliers. We regularly get the wrong order. Last month, I placed our usual order, Polycose usually ships in its own case as does the feeding pump bags, and the rest of the supplies are put into larger shipping boxes. After Steve, our UPS guy, left, I realized that one box was not the regular size and shape of what we regularly receive and my pump bags were missing. When I checked the label, I saw that it was a case of 50 of those pink hospital basins, you know the ones you use for sponge baths and puke buckets. The supply company didn't want them back because it wasn't cost effective to return them.

So, if anyone needs 50 pink basins they are at Goodwill.

It does baffle me how a case of Zevex Infinity pump bags could be confused with a case of basins.

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