Saturday, June 18, 2011

Our version of Home schooling

Although, Talli does go to ESY I supplement a hodge-podge of different bits and pieces that I have pulled from several places. All combined, we spend no more than an hour on "homework", excluding reading.


Handwriting- A former OT of Talli's introduced us to Handwriting with Tears. Talli's writing is horrible, although, it has much improved. Occassionally, she reverses her letters, the letters are large, and she has difficulty with spacing. This summer we will work in the Printing Power book, each day she writes in 1-2 pages. On some days, she will write on the lined paper spelling words or items she has composed.

Spelling- We have added spelling goals to her IEP. Each year, there is a list of words that the kids are expected to know, many of the words are repeated to keep them fresh. There are about 100 "no excuse" words for the 3rd and 100 for the 4th grade. Her goal is to have a certain proficiency for both lists.

I make flash cards to help her practice the words. She has a very good long term memory, so once we can get the words in there, she tends to keep them. Since laminating can get expensive and I hate working with the home laminator I purchased a few years ago I do a quick and cheap version- trim them up and tape them to index cards with clear packing tape.

Since the tape doesn't cover the entire card, I have writing space on the back to make notes. I run through the words to make sure she can first read them. There were only 2 words in the 3rd grade list she couldn't read the first time through. Then we work on spelling, if she can spell it out loud (picture a spelling bee), then it is passed off with a note on the back and we don't bother with it for a couple of weeks. We work on about 6 words at a time.

Each day she tries to spell the word I read aloud. Once a week, I have her write them. We also use to practice the words with the games. Her favorites are Hang Mouse and the word scramble.

Each year's worth of cards fit very nicely in a box for Energy Options candy bars.

Math- Talli is working on basic addition and subtraction, telling time, and counting money. At school, she uses Touch Math. She no longer needs the dots on the numbers or coins, but counts as if they were there.

Each day, I have her do 2 worksheets from the books listed below. Once a week, she gets her allowance of $3.50, which she has to count out and put 1/10 towards tithing and 1/10 towards savings. Then there is a discussion about how much she is going to save for a special event or toy and she has me put away a certain amount for that. Currently, she is saving to pay for her ticket to Disney Live! Three Classic Fairy Tales, which will be here in Illinois in March 2012.

The materials we use are:
Horizons K Math Package (I purchased from Son Light with the flashcards and manipulatives)

Time, Money, & Factions 1-2 (An I Know It Book)

Science- For science we are using
Magic School Bus books and videos
The Human Body, Super Science Activities
Facinating FActs, The Human Body

We talk about the systems of the body and she will do a worksheet out of one of the latter two books.

Geography- We started covering the Great Lakes Region, then the Prarie states, and then the West and Southwest (Florida was discussed almost daily because... That is where Disney World is!).
We used the following materials-
The 50 States Book and Magnetic Puzzle Map
Leap Tag Pen and Map
A cardboard puzzle of the states
A two week trip driving to California

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