Thursday, June 9, 2011

Extended School Year

Today was the last day of the regular school year. On Monday, Talli starts Extended School Year (ESY) services. ESY services are for those who risk loosing skills over the summer break or who have an emerging skill that could be lost over the summer break. Those with Propionic Acidemia qualify for ESY as a metabolic crisis or stroke can cause them to loose skills.

In our district ESY is held M-Th in the mornings for 6 weeks. It is held at one elementary school in the district, so she will be bussed there each day. The classrooms are either multi-needs or instructional. Talli is in an instructional classroom. It tends to build her self-confidence as some in her class are a little behind her and some a little bit ahead.

The benefits for Talli are significant- rather than loose about 1 month of skills that the typical student looses over the summer, she tends to gain skills. I do work with her extensively over the summer as well, in my next post I will go over some of the things that we do during the summer and extended breaks from school.

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