Saturday, March 12, 2011

Low Protein Foods on

Talli gets into food jags. I few months ago she was eating a LOT of french fries, so much that we had to limit how much she was eating per meal. Then it was Energy Options Candy Bars. Now it is Ener-g Gourmet Crackers. The problem is that I never know what food she is going to take to and for how long. It is easy with fries, since everyone else will eat them and they are readily available.

I only ordered 1 box of the Ener-g crackers when I ordered some low protein/allergy-free foods last week. Well, yesterday she ate 5 of the crackers and would have eaten more if there were more. The box only has 18. I called and visited several local stores and even though Target, Meijer, Jewel, Whole Foods, Fruitful Yield and Dominicks all have a gluten-free sections, none have the crackers. So in looking on-line this morning, I found that Amazon has Ener-g products in their Substribe & Save section. They ended up being only $2.43/box + free shipping, while has them for $4.18/box +shipping.

So she will have to wait until Tuesday afternoon to get more crackers- I how she will still want them by then.

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