Monday, October 10, 2011

The Birthday Party

Prior to having kids, Rawlo and I decided that some events were worth celebrating and making a big deal about. Birthdays are definitely something that we celebrate big in our house. Family parties are great, but we get others involved. With PA, you don't know how many birthdays there will be, so make the most of the ones Talli has.

Talli wanted a Frankenstein cake, it seemed beyond me, so I asked a friend to make it for her.

She was dying for a Chuck E Cheese party, so we gave in on that one. I had previously provided games or crafts for the kids to do with goodie bags to boot and Chuck E Cheese ended up being cheaper than last year's crafting party.

There was one girl who did not come because she is afraid of Chuck E. That isn't a problem with my kids who think that Chuck E is real, sleeps in the back room, and sneaks cheese from the kitchen. My kids are character groupies! The staff at our restaurant know Talli well and when there is no one there, Chuck E will play games with Talli and give her tokens as well. I know some are grossed out by places like Chuck E Cheese, but ours is very clean. We tend to go first thing in the morning when no one else is there and the staff is disinfecting the games and play equipment.

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