Sunday, November 15, 2009

There are always adjustments....

I got a call from my dad this morning. No one made it to the phone before it stopped ringing as we don't usually get any calls on a Sunday morning. So I called him right back. My maternal grandma died this morning.

She was 84 years old. For the past 7 years she lived in OR with my parents or at a "memory care" facility. She had Alzheimer's for at least 10 years. She was also a survivor of breast and uterine cancer and MS. She could sew anything and her ability to sew was one of the last things that she lost. She had an incredible sense of humor. She loved her family deeply and would tease us that our weddings, graduations and births messed up her travel plans. She has 3 daughters, 19 grandkids, and a multitude of great-grandkids.

Prior to my grandfather passing in 2002, they traveled extensively. Pretty much wherever they could get free military flights or their camper could take them they would go.

Her father was an immigrant from Denmark and her mother from Germany. She met my grandfather at a dance in Salt Lake City and they were married soon afterwards. They honeymooned separately: he went hunting with his brothers and she got aquainted with her new in-laws. She never let him live that down.

When my paternal grandmother died in 1998 and my maternal grandfather in 2002 there wasn't a question that I would goto the funeral and see my family. Talli was just an infant in 2002 when we flew out to California. She was actually eating everything by mouth then, although I recollect her vomiting during the trip.

But now, she is pretty much housebound because of H1N1. We rarely travel without her getting sick or landing in the hospital and I can't imagine trying to make it across the country and her not getting sick. We have somewhat full coverage for home nursing during the day, however, I don't trust them fully (a nurse ate a peanut product in the house last week, among other things), so I can't leave her.

I know the funeral will be in Marin County, CA which is where my mom grew up, but I don't have a time yet. I am not hopeful that I could hop a direct flight out and back to make it, that is only an option if it is on a weekend.

My mom understands, but it would be nice to go.

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