Saturday, November 21, 2009

And there are always angels

There is another little angel in heaven.

For the past week, I have been talking and texting with another mom whose daughter has Propionic Acidemia (PA). There was also a lot of talk with a mutual friend as one of us might have a new piece of news on the little girl. At times, she would be doing better, then take a turn for the worse. Yesterday things did look better, but this morning they decided that no more could be done for her and took her off life support.

There is always sadness, survivor guilt for those of us who still have their children, and some happiness and peace for the child who does not have to deal with tubes or pokes any longer. Most of us know these things are coming as the life expectancy of PA is still only 3 years. This angel was 3.

Talli looks at me curiously when I tell her I am sad that someone died. It could be my grandmother or another child with PA. She tells me how they are with Jesus and are so happy.

May our newest Angel's mother have peace and the rest of us love our angels while we have them.

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