Saturday, November 13, 2010


I hope to be back to posting more regularly. We have been having a pretty busy couple of months. We did close on our new house in June and then I promptly left to spend a month at my parents' place with the kids. Once home, we had a protracted battle with our school and Talli ended up missing most of the first 6 weeks of school (so I was her teacher). O ended up having some surgery.

We have had weeks with 4-6 medical appointments. I try very hard not to have more than one in a week, but we lost 3 medical providers over the summer because of the physicians leaving their practices. It took several meet and greets and appointments until we could find the right fit for us. We are still looking for a pediatric GI specialist, but that is not something incredibly urgent for us.

In all of this our beloved babysitter moved away. We are on the search for other helpers.

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