Saturday, March 27, 2010

What my other child needs to see a specialist?!

Baby O had his 12 month check-up this past week. It was a bit delayed because M had an appointment the day we were suppose to go. He has always been on the smaller side, but he has fallen off the growth chart in length, weight, and the very critical head size. His pediatrician wanted him to see an endocrinologist. Since Talli sees one, I scheduled an appointment with him.

The endocrinologist has already told me that work is his life-- he has office hours 6 days a week at various Chicagoland locations. We started seeing him when he was on staff at Loyola University. We were able to get in this morning.

We are changing up his diet a bit-- more fat and we will be adding extra calories to his bottle. He suggested 22 calories/oz and after discussion he said to go up to 30cals/oz if he tolerates it. Since we have polycose & prophree around and we can do the math in our heads, we will add that in to the formula. Since his growth was poor, the pediatrician said to not take him off formula. He had a bunch of labs drawn and we will see what comes up.

I think after Talli something like this comes up and we just shrug our shoulders and go on. Food is always an issue in the house, so my big hope is that celiac disease is not the problem, but that is so easily managed. If he needs ongoing follow-up, we can easily schedule Talli's & O's appointments for the same time. The doctor brought up finances at the appointment and I told him if it was a problem I would let him know, $50 co-pays stink, but we do plan for them.

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