Friday, January 15, 2010

Being part of a community

I wanted to start this post about the earthquake in Haiti. It is a terrible tragedy. I think it hits home for special needs families like ours. We already see how fragile life is and if our family was in this situation it would be even more dire.

Moneysavingmom on her blog is listing some groups helping out in Haiti. She is also making personal contributions to relief efforts. Our family has donated to Doctors without Borders and will be finishing up Newborn Humanitarian Kits to be donated through our Church's Humaniarian arm. I have posted links to the blog, Doctor's Without Borders, and information on the Newborn Kits. The Newborn Kits are always needed as blankets, diapers, and soap are constantly in need through out the world.

Prior to the earthquake, I had been thinking a lot about communities and how we work together. We have been hit lately with some pretty nasty winter weather- ice storms, sleet, and lots of snow. When it is like that you see our community coming out. I particularly notice it about 2PM, the stay at home mom's are out shoveling and deicing before the Junior High down the block lets out. We have single women living on either side of our house. One with a young son frequently has her walk and drive blown by another family. This has been done for us as well; I remember one particular storm when Talli was very ill and I needed to get her to the hospital. I had my drive quickly blown, so we could leave.

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