Monday, September 14, 2009


My daughter is g-tube fed overnight. She wears S/M Goodnights when she sleeps, which do not hold enough most nights and she pees through them. We will be moving to some custom cloth pull-on pants as she had some bleeding sores from wearing them for a week at the hospital. We expect to continue night feedings as kids with Propionic Acidemia gave better labs if they do.

When she was a baby I consulted the book Baby Bargains and it suggested The Company Store for crib sheets. I got a couple of flannel crib sheets, which held up to twice a week laundering for almost 4 years. They no longer sell the flannel crib sheets, but their percale is almost as durable.

We use all cotton bedding for her as she is on L-carnitine. Carnitine causes a "fish" smell, which worsens with constipation and is concentrated in sweat, urine, and stool. The smell seems to hold onto synthetic fabrics, hence the reason for the all cotton.

mattress cover
Her mattress is encased in a high quality cotton dust mite cover. I highly recommend one that is zippered fully on three sides for easier removal. I purchased hers from National Allergy.

For sheets I mentioned above, we use Company Store. There is an outlet in Madison, WI that has great deals on bedding. We have 2 flannel set sets and 3 percale. One set I got on clearance for $6.99 and another I got used on ebay because it was a very cute ballerina print.

water proof barriers
For a while we used Carter's waterproof crib pads, which are two layers of flannel with a waterproof layer in the middle. They can be hard to find in the stores and after many washings the layers start to peel away from each other and the water proof protection goes away. Sometimes I see them at Babies R Us, Kohls, and Carter's Outlet.

What I prefer is a custom made mattress pad from a WAHM that I found through She used a layer of PUL (for the waterproofing) and a layer of white fleece. She can also add suedecloth, flannel and Zorb. She was pretty quick to get it to me and was comparable in price to the Carter's crib pads. I line dry mind so the PUL will last longer. By the time the rest of the load is dry in the dry this is dry as well. Her store is on hyena cart.

I love to quilt and for a while my daughter loved ballerinas. I pieced a cute all cotton quilt together and a friend used her quilting machine to do the actual quilting on it. Well, it is just not holding up. It probably gets washed 3-4 times a month and the binding is shot and there are a couple of small holes.

What has been far more durable are flannel Company Store duvet covers and all cotton blankets from JC Penny. I do not have a duvet in the cover mainly because of her dust mite allergy and since we are changing her bed almost everyday it would be an additional pain to move the duvet around.

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